Slivers (Anecdotes of Thirty Years of Campaigns around the world)

Life is full of little slivers. Things that will still be remembered years or even generations later. Passed down as a part of family or group history. But many of these slivers of life are also forgotten…these anecdotes are just a few of those slivers…recalled years later in their half remembered, half forgotten states.

This page collects two lots of slivers..anecdotes on campaigns and issues and more general anecdotes from life…

20 Historical anecdotes of campaigns and issues.

The stories that are linked from this page are my memories written, mostly, thirty years after the events. They cover campaigns including those around the Franklin, Kakadu, East Gippsland (the Rodger River and others), Daintree, Jabiluka, Coronation Hill and on subjects such as uranium mining and campaigning on Aboriginal rights in Tennant Creek. as well as recollections of working in France, Bangkok, Auckland and other places.

So far as my memory serves, these are historically accurate but others may choose to disagree.

Episode 1: Coronation Hill, Kakadu:  Beating BHP with Bravado and Blue Tarps (published Dec 2, 2017)

Episode 2:The Franklin: The Law of the Land and other Legends in their own Lunchtime (published Dec 9, 2017)

Episode 3: The Franklin: The Leaker – they came in the Dead of Night (Published Dec 12, 2017)

Episode 4: The Franklin: A Federal Government Wedding Team (to be published approx. Dec 17, 2017)

Episode 5: The Franklin: One Chair Down (to be published approx. Dec 22, 2017)

Episode 6: The Franklin: The Cadres Rule (to be published approx. Dec 27, 2017)

Episode 7: Kakadu, Ranger 68: In all Four Corners (to be published approx. Jan 1, 2018)

Episode 8: Inside the Bunker (to be published approx. Jan 6, 2018)

Episode 9: The Flight to Canberra, Part 1 (to be published approx. Jan 13, 2018)

Episode 10: The Franklin: The Year of Living Obsequiously (to be published approx. Jan 22, 2018)

Episode 11: The Franklin: The Shipping Business (to be published approx. Jan 27, 2018)

Episode 12: TBC (to be published approx. Feb 3, 2018)

Episode 13: The Flight to Canberra, Part 2 (to be published approx. Feb 8, 2018)

Episode 14: The Rodger River: Roger, Rodger (to be published approx. Feb 13, 2018)

Episode 15: Gurig National Park: The Poisoned Dwarf (to be published approx. Feb 18, 2018)

Episode 16: Kakadu: On a Long Lease (to be published approx. Feb 23, 2018)

Episode 17: Tennant Creek: Left on Four Rims (to be published approx. Feb 28, 2018)

Episode 18: The Franklin/ Daintree: Gough, Paul and Barry (to be published approx. March 5, 2018)

Episode 19: The Franklin: Choppers Won’t Fly (to be published approx. March 10, 2018)

Episode 20: The Franklin: No skills will do fine (to be published approx. March 15, 2018)

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