Welcome to the “Idiot Traveller”

Chris H, TurkeyWelcome to The Idiot Traveller, a blog about travel and the people, places, history and culture that we encounter when we travel.

Please note that if you are looking for the latest posts in my series of environmental and social anecdotes about campaigns over the last 35 years, you can find them on the “Emperor’s Clothes” – here

Below here you can find the entire collection of posts on this blog, with the latest ones at the top.

I’d love you to comment or feedback (even negative feedback, if polite. Trolls and comments that are unpleasant will be removed)

If you’d like to more about this blog or its intent, please go to the About page.

Note that if you are looking for my political blog “The Emperor’s Clothes” you can find that here.

I hope you enjoy.


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    1. It’s my strategy. Appear is if you are travelling idiot and no one will ask you for either guidance or to do any tedious organisating (except Kaylee) who thinks I’m a organising genius of sorts

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