Travel and the lies we are told

Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes,” according to Proust.

Travel gives you not only new landscapes but new eyes. Immerse yourself in different cultures and you cannot help but see things differently. This is blog not only about the places we visit and the cultures we experience but also about the good, bad and ugly we find along the way………

There is nothing worse than coming to a remote beach and finding it covered with rubbish – the pristine beach that has more rubbish than the local tip.

The supposedly secluded beach that is busier than Bourke St – you can scarcely see the sand for the bodies.

Or the room which is advertised as having a great view. It has one but you have to stand on a ladder to see it.

The four star hotel which has a toilet with more stains than the inside of your septic tank. And the bedroom with more cockroaches than you can find in Parliament House; and that’s before you count the insects.

Yes. Like me you hate all those things. All the bullshit you read about how wonderful places are and then you get there and you wish you had never got out of your Russian Gulag.

So to save you those nasty experiences, I write true travel blogs about where to go, what you will really see and where not to go. You can find out how to avoid the crowds. Or if not the crowds the drunken British (or Australian, or Swedish) bogan. Or at least some of those things. And it’s mostly true…but not always.

But the positive side is that travel gives you new perspectives… It can be a time of contemplation, openness, discovery…in all sorts of ways. So it’s one of the few times I write something approaching poetry.

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